Biggest Mistakes Every Job Seeker Makes

Biggest Mistakes Every Job Seeker MakesAs a career coach, I’ve helped hundreds of job seekers take the pain out of the job hunt and find the career path that’s best for them. While each person’s situation and goals are different, I’ve found five common mistakes to avoid for a more effective job search.

1. Relying on Online Strategies

Online job boards and networking groups have become the new landscape for job seekers and employers. However, this doesn’t mean you should spend all your effort applying to jobs online. Submitting an online application is the one option you want to avoid.

Many employers have adopted ATS’s to spend less manpower sifting through the hundreds of resumes they receive. Since job seekers tend to be unaware of robot-friendly keywords or formatting, most applications end up in the virtual trash. (That’s why you’ve been getting those auto-generated rejection emails).

Try Making it More Personal
Instead of spending your time hitting “send,” research the person behind the job posting. Look at your network for potential referrals. Even finding an email address attached to a human is a better option than

The Importance of Your Job Searching Attitude

The Importance of Your Job Searching AttitudeIt’s quite rare to come across people who got their first job soon after having applied for it. Perhaps, as a teenager, you had a neighbor in business whom you asked for a job and he hired you, but these days job searches are not so simple or so quick to come by.

Getting hired needs continued efforts. Normally, it requires facing many interviews and getting rejected at times. In the process, you keep learning and are often required to modify and widen your approach many times.

Knowing the kind of job you are looking for and how to effectively search for such jobs helps reducing stress and enables you to continue with renewed efforts and a positive approach. There are many jobs available, and you have many options too. If you continue to be patient and diligent in your efforts, it’s not difficult to get an opportunity for the right job.

It should not be difficult for you to understand that the simpler it is to apply for a job, the more

Pre Employment Screenings

Pre Employment ScreeningsPre-employment backgrounds are necessary in many industries today. Once upon a time, background checks were limited to specific industries such as banking and finance or industries that deal with national defense or require securityclearance. Today, however, background checks cover so much more than criminal backgrounds.

Who Can You Trust to Conduct Pre-Employment Screenings
Before you dive in and start ordering background checks far and wide, you first need to learn the law regarding how this information can be used, and look for an agency you can trust to use this information properly.

There are two federal laws designed to protect jobapplicants who hold criminal records.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
The Fair Credit Reporting Act obligates employers requesting criminal background checks to do the following.

• Get written consent from applicant before conducting the check.

• Inform the applicant if the information discovered was used to eliminate the candidate from consideration.

• If this is the case, employers must also provide applicants with a copy of the report.


How To Streamline Your Job Search For Optimal Results

Finding a job when you already have one is often far easier than finding one when you have no source of income and your living costs are mounting. This can put people in a state of panic that makes smart, and rational decision-making nearly impossible. Fortunately, there are a few foolproof strategies that you can use to make your current circumstances a bit less bleak while ensuring that your CV is guaranteed to make a positive impression on prospective employers.

Your first goal is to resolve your current financial woes by securing some form of employment to cover your basic living costs. While you might be reticent to accept work that falls a bit below your normal pay grade, this could be essential for your survival. Start considering options that you have overlooked before.

It is also a good idea to consider a few self-employment ventures, particularly those that allow you to work from home and online. Maintaining a contractor status while you seek employment will prevent you from developing large and glaring gaps in your CV. It will also give you new skills to add to your resume that show you as being industrious, strategic

How to Get Experience to Get a Part Time Job

Despite the fact that it’s an irregularity for any part-time employment to completely require a genuine measure of experience, it can be greatly profitable to have a few. In any case, it can be difficult to get the experience you need give you the edge over other people applying for a position if you’re unable to get a job to get experience first. In this article, I would like to give a couple of helpful tips for you individuals chasing for your first part-time job.

It’s critical to recall that run of the mill part-time work will need you to have talents that are effortlessly created outside of work. All things considered, the most critical recommendation I can offer you is:

Get a few hobbies

Interests are the simplest approach to puff out your resume and give you something to discuss during your interview. Above all, the experience you’ll pick up in interactive with people from more social pastimes is significant. On the off-chance that you can discover a group that you’re interested in, then you’re in good fortune. Generally, all part-time employment will search for evidence that you’re sociable and capable, and a social

How To Start Your Job Search

1. Take a Bite-Sized Approach

There are so many parts to the job search and each requires a different approach or strategy. Start by breaking your job search down into bite-sized pieces. This is a great strategy especially if you’re feeling unmotivated/overwhelmed as a bite-sized job search will feel more manageable and help you experience small wins along the way (not to mention boost your confidence). Figure out where exactly you fall on the job search spectrum and maintain focus. For example if you haven’t received any interviews your focus will need to be on some aspect of the application process (networking, applying, revising your resume). Don’t spend time thinking about interviewing or salary negotiation at this point as it will be futile to the task at hand.

2. Get Focused on What You Want

It’s all about your target. What are you going after? Without this, watch out for endless job board roaming (yikes). When you actually do find what you want, you risk confusing the hiring manager with your lack of focus. They’ll want to know you are in it to win it ONLY with them. Spend some time getting focused on your

Pointers That Will Help You Choose The Right Career

Getting a job should not be just about the money, but should be based more on fulfillment and fruitfulness. Most people make the mistake of going for careers and jobs because of the pay and they end up being very unhappy. To avoid situations where you get bored just waking in the morning, you should be careful with the career path that you choose. Fortunately, there are pointers you can use to direct yourself into a career bound to be most fulfilling.


Interests can be in the form of hobbies and where you want to see yourself in the future. You can start all the way down your school days, what you loved doing or enjoyed doing. Nothing can be better than to find yourself in a job that you just love and enjoy doing and you can use your hobbies to select. Make a list of things that appeal to you and the things that you love doing and then place them into a career and you stand to be happy all your life.


The questions here should be what you are good at. Skills take many forms it could be

What Kind of Jobs Can I Get When Studying Abroad

Part time jobs will go a long way toward supplementing your income when you are studying abroad. The money you get can help to cover your cost of living, or pay for your leisure activities or travel holidays across the country. Many international students do take up some form of employment while studying abroad, and they have a lot of fun while doing so!

There are many part-time or vacation jobs that you can take up as a student. Before getting started, check your visa restrictions. You may not be permitted to work more than a certain number of hours in a week during your course session time. Whatever the work you choose, it will add to your life experiences and you can make new friends and get a taste of the local culture.

Overseas students often work as waiting and bar staff, baristas, mall aides, aged care workers, data entry or call centre personnel, or as language tutors. If you have any special skills like musical talent or a flair for art, you can teach others for a fee. Animal lovers can take pets for a walk in the park and get paid for doing

Employment Trends In The Environmental Industries

The Environmental Entrepreneurs, a national nonpartisan group of business owners and investors who advocate for good environmental policies, discussed their Clean Energy Jobs Report. The organization believed that clean energy and clean transportation projects will be a major factor in American job creation and, ultimately, economic growth.

This is a significant finding that is great for all those looking for positions in the field. Employment is strong due to projects created in 2015 and 2016 in 22 states, producing almost 10,500 jobs.

· With 8,826 positions, the Renewable Energy sector showed the highest number, broken down to 6,450 for solar generation, 2,183 for wind generation, and 193 for biofuels. Much of the growth came from the favorable government policies and the lowered cost of materials. Manufacturing of advanced vehicle as well as solar and wind technology yielded 1,075 openings with 570 jobs in other industries, such as recycling and smart grids.

· With 2,164 jobs, Texas led the list of states offering the most jobs. Nevada came in second with 1,900 positions, and California was third with 1,200. Other states in the top ten employment list include Utah, North Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia

Exciting Benefits of Online Jobs

Are you tired and fed up with travelling every day? Are you allergic to huge traffic jams? Do you think that the system of 9-6 is not fit for you? Do you hate the pesky boss in your office? If the answer is yes, then online jobs will be the best alternative job that will cater your needs. Most of you by now are aware of an online job and its different perks. These jobs today are highly favored due to the different benefits that it offers. In fact the total number of people that are working online has surged of late. Changes in the pattern of work and the economic turmoil have made such jobs a popular pick among people. No wonder there is no dearth in the availability of such jobs pertaining to various expertise and skills set.

Explore the many benefits of jobs online

Online jobs basically are jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home. In fact, an interesting trend which has been noticed lately is that working professionals too are considering these jobs from home as a quick and easy means to earn a good sum of money.

Search Your Next Job Online and Offline

If you are looking for a job or considering a change of career, you need to find more than one way of finding job in today’s technology driven world that is going through an economic downtrend. You certainly need to maximize your chances of getting job by knowing more about the ways that present day jobseekers are employing for finding jobs. Simply put, you can no more depend upon just continuing with the ‘situation vacant’ ads.

Online Job Search Websites

If you go online, you’ll find a large variety of websites, all designed to help you find job listings. Many of those sites allow you to post your resume free of charge, but there are others which charge you for uploading your resume. The kind of site you may use for getting a job will most likely be decided by the field you are working in, and the level at which you want to work now.

How Are People Looking for Jobs?

It is estimated that, these days, ten percent of people find their next job through the Internet. The reasons for that could be that they scan job search websites of the kind

What Valuable Career Has Yet To Be Established

In the career space it is becoming increasingly certain that the future of careers is increasingly uncertain. The headwinds of change are strengthening and what in traditional employment has looked stable is now looking unstable. There are a variety of economic and social shifts ushering in this climate of modification and adjustment, influenced largely by globalization, technology, and changing demographics with the trends looking irreversible. Given that significant change has a way of making people nervous and anxious it could seem that the future may be something to fear. But what if we were to reframe this phenomenon as an opportunity? It can be done.

Viewing undetermined career variations favorably begins with asking the question, “What valuable career(s) has/have yet to be established?” To begin answering the question let’s pass through the portal allowing us to view the world’s many challenges. There is certainly no shortage of problems in need of resolutions. The demands are countless and the need for bold, positive, and progressive actions, leading to widespread beneficial advances is urgent. So where do we begin? Following are my picks for top categories where future talent can best direct their energies-in ways about which we can

Job Searching Myths Debunked

People looking for jobs often have many mistaken ideas about job hunting. Generally, that’s due to superfluous knowledge about certain things. Job seekers come to know of half the things from different sources, mainly from word of mouth, and tend to assume the other half in a manner that suits them. All those things encourage people to develop myths about job hunting. Here, we’ll discuss about some such myths:

Myth 1: People think that they stand better chances of getting a job by registering with as many job search sites as possible.

That’s a wrong perception people have! Getting registered with all the possible sites doesn’t prompt employers to get in touch with you and offer you a job. You should also look for job opportunities in newspapers and business magazines. Most newspapers have a special section devoted to jobs, and many trade magazines too follow the same practice.

Myth 2: Employers are not really keen to employ people who have been changing jobs very frequently.

People who keep changing jobs frequently are considered to be unsure of them. It’s but natural for the employers to question a job seeker what prompted him to

Deciding On Your Career Path Is Not That Difficult

Deciding on the career path to follow may seem daunting and difficult but it can become easy if you give yourself a variety of options to choose from, and ample time to consider on what you really want to go for. Most of the times, if your skills set match your aptitude, you are lucky and it is wiser if you go for a career options that best fits your skills, your aptitude and your passion.

Moreover, for more freedom, when shifting around doing different jobs with great a dose of confidence and abilities, it is more appropriate to select a field, which encompasses your talents.

Determine what you like to do

Many people who end up in the various career fields arrive at their decisions by looking at what the people around them are pursuing, for instance parents, teachers or neighbours. Although some of them end up liking what they do, it may be wiser to go for a career in what you like doing. Look around and take some time to match what you want to do with your skills and hobbies. If you like dealing with beauty, cosmetics,

How To Manifest The Job Of Your Dreams

 We have all heard about manifesting. It is the process of creating energy in your body and mind to create and literally see the things you are thinking about. There are many formsof manifesting. Some like to manifest the home of their dreams, others like to manifest the love life they have always wanted, or maybe a body size or weight you have always been hoping for. Today, we are here to talk to you about another common wish for manifesting- a new career. If you are unhappy in your current role, or would like to replace your present job with something new and designed just for you, then read on!

All of these tips are proven and have come literally from great manifestors. If you put in the hard work, it will work for you!

If you’re currently employed, do your best to:

Love the job you’ve got.

I know, I know. You’re thinking if you could love the job you’ve got, you wouldn’t need a new one.

This can be a little tricky – but it’s incredibly helpful to minimize dread

Investing in Your Career

As you know, you resume is the key to unlocking your successful job search and securing interviews for your dream job. It is, after all, the first impression you potential employer has of you; a short, written summary of all the hard work, time, and dedication you have poured into your career.

Being that this document is so important to your career, why are you reluctant to hire a professional to write a resume for you? It can be difficult to justify spending more money on a job search that is already expensive. The costs to dry cleaning your suit and take the time off to go to interviews adds up, yet this expense is more than that, it is instead an investment in your future. Sure there are several free resources or sample templates that you can find through a quick internet search, but these resources will not give you the tools you need to make your resume personal and able to stand out from the crowd, which is exactly what you need to land an interview. In addition, you may be able deduct these expenses from your taxes. According to the IRS’ website,

A New Hobby Or A New Job

Whether you are making a million dollars a year in your job or barely paying the bills, at some point in time, we all ask that question: Is it time for a new job? The next question should be, what would I do if I left my current job? The job market is tough with lots of qualified candidatescompeting for the same jobs. What if you were able to convert your hobby, something you enjoy doing in your free time, into a full time job. It would make you happier, I promise. Consider it for a moment. Consider that your hobby could be a money-making machine.

Ok, money-making machine might be a stretch. But many hobbies really can pay off if you’re good at them — and know how to market yourself. There are so many fun ways to earn some extra cash, and we’ve compiled 10 of the most lucrative. Still not sure how your new-found love of knitting can make you cash

1. Shopping. Who doesn’t like to shop? Online, at the mall and even in airport gift shops, shopping is just downright thrilling wherever the

Do You Love Your Job

Are you dreading going to work in the morning? Is it affecting your sleep, your day to day life? Have you thought about getting a new job and how that could help?

In this day and age where good jobs are hard to come by, it can be an overwhelming process to think about getting another job. Especially if you have one that pays decent money. However, is money everything? What about those thousands of people that are stuck in a job and scared to even see what is out there? Today, I am talking to all of you.

Here are a few tools to help you land that perfect job:

1. Resunate. It’s easy to think of a potential employer as the venerable “man behind the curtain.” I mean, what do recruiters actually do when they’re looking over resumes? Resunate is a service that attempts to get rid of the curtain altogether by showing users just how their resumes look to a recruiter or potential employer. This tool parses your entire uploaded resume and compares it to the description of the job you’re after, acting the way an employer’s applicant

If You Cant Find a Job Create One

Frankly for financial reasons it is a lot more ideal if you can develop a part-time business when you still have an income to support yourself. However if you are not prepared when you lose your job, you can still work it out if you are really focused, disciplined and determined to land on your feet.

You have to be realistic, no matter how shocking it is to lose your job unexpectedly. Take a few days to digest the information and get your bearings. If you are being laid off in a workforce reduction the theory is to let you know on a Friday. This is so it doesn’t disrupt your job performance during the week and so that you will have a few non-business days to get used to the idea that you have nowhere to go on Monday.

Typically they have known about this for some time but do not let you know because they want to lessen the chances of sabotage or other problems. This let’s you know that where your employer is concerned, you are not a person, just a position. They have their bottom line and it is nothing personal, so

Tips From Industry Thought Leaders

An organization can only be as good as the people it employs. In the extremely competitive business environment of today, the biggest challenge facing an organization is that of finding and keeping good employees. There are various sources of hiringtalent; however what emerged as one of the best and most effective means of sourcing highly qualified talent are employee referrals. Employee referrals are not only cost effective but employees hired through referrals have been shown to be upto 25% more productive than hires from other sources making them a tool for organizational growth and productivity.

Dr. John Sullivan, an industry thought leader in designing employee referral programs has had the opportunity to study the referral program structure and design of organizations across the globe and has found very few referral programs that can provide true competitive advantage to organizations through incorporation of exceptional features. There are certain key characteristics that are needed to be present for any employee referral program to provide true business value to an organization.

Listed below are some of the key features accumulated from industry thought leaders required to increase employee referrals.

• Keep the employee